Meet The Designer!

Beginning her journey in the year 2005 Yogita Kadam brought into being, an idea that was self – driven and had sheer power of her creativity. With her unconventional approach and always trying to do something different, she made quite an impression amongst her peers. Turning her passion for designing into an avant-garde entrepreneurial venture, Yogita launched a clothing brand that was a reflection of her quirky yet minimalistic sense of style. With a major influence of Mirror work, exquisite art of zardozi, years of experience and mastering the skills of dramatic creations, her designs speak volumes.

With a set of highly skilled craftsmen and a supportive team, she made a little dream into reality…


The Yogita Kadam Store located at one of the most prime locations in Mumbai has an unusual mix of modern and antique elements which absolutely uplifts the entire aura of the space. It has been designed aesthetically to please people’s shopping experiences with warm and enthralling interiors. The Store compliments the beautiful fusion-led designs and the visitors who look forward to a very cozy and personalized atmosphere. It’s her personality that comes to life and talks for itself!

Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world!

~ Brene Brown